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“Yeelo”, a Somali word meaning “Own it”, is an imperative for all and remains the founding philosophy and guiding principle of the charity’s institutional values and work. It is about creating a cultural shift where every member of the community, regardless of age and socio-economic conditions sign up to the role of principal agent of positive change in their own life and that of others

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“Individual excellence for the betterment of the collective –”

Yeelo as an organisation is the product and the symbol of a community togetherness and willingness to own positive change in the face of multiple adversities. It is a community of largely Somali parents, professionals and students (graduates and undergraduates) all coming and working together to make education and self-help the backbone of a rewarding existence, owning unconditionally the possibilities and limits of human capabilities. On a practical level, it aims to play a key role in institutionalising purposeful education continuously challenging the approach and attitude of young people and their families towards academic attainments, achievements and overall personal development and growth for all round better outcome for all

The Yeelo march began in January 2009 and has since grown organically in many ways, negotiating, many challenges to be where it is today with over 350 pupils, 110 families and around 35 Educating Mentors and volunteers all rowing in the same direction: “Working together for a common purpose, achieving excellent results and in the most seemingly resource-restrictive context, is definitely possible, normal and noble.”

Yeelo is a way of life and a family house where traditional family relations and roles are revisited, revived and maintained with the aim to foster inter-generational synergy in preparing the future with a twenty-first century fit-for-purpose individual and communal sense of responsibility

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