Key Stage 1&2

Our KS1&2 English programme helps children of any ability to establish key foundations in reading and writing, using a variety of texts and topics to spark enthusiasm.

The Maths programme puts a continuous emphasis on multiplication and division as well as gaining a solid foundation in arithmetic. We address all elements of the National Curriculum so that pupils achieve the highest levels in all key stage tests.

Year 6 SATs Prep

By December, students will cover the contents of the National Curriculum and from January they are expected to sit one practice paper weekly. The aim is to familiarise pupils with exam pressure as well as developing exam techniques

The exam papers also highlight each student’s area of weakness and it allows the Educating Mentor to tailor the lesson according to the pupils' needs

In addition to the SATs preparation, we take Year 6 students to educational trips at the end of the academic year. Since we started in 2014, we have taken the students to London Zoo, Thorpe Park and most memorably Degmo Farm, Wales. This two-day trip taught students the life of Somali nomads and geel-jire

The Year 6s also developed their own Enterprise Day. This is a program where students form teams, order and/or make items to sell, set prices and then sell it to students as well parents. Implementing skills such as negotiating, teamwork and developing an entrepreneurship mindset from a young age

11 Plus Prep

This is a selective program and aims to provide a challenging environment for excelling students in Year 4 and Year 5. We mainly focus on CEM (Durham University) exams and eight of our students have been accepted to the Slough Consortium schools in the past three years

The program also puts a lot of emphasis on implementing independent study and analytical skills amongst pupils

Many of the students who complete this program achieve level 6 in their Year 6 exams

Summer Camp

Majority of our pupils come from households where English is the second language. As a result, some children struggle to achieve nationally required language attainments

Addressing this issue became a major priority for us and since 2014 we started running specially catered sessions. This is a three-week intensive course during the summer holidays for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils

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