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Year 7, 8 & 9 students are introduced to a variety of texts and study a textbook in each term. Students develop key language skills such as inference, how to write descriptive essays and attain a better understanding of the English language as they study books such as Animal Farm, Private Peaceful and many more

By using a traditional academic approach, the curriculum is designed to spark the child’s interest and enthusiasm for the subject and puts a continuous emphasis on reading to understand with weekly spelling and grammar tasks

Our Maths and Science programmes follow the National Curriculum and give students the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in GCSEs. We measure each student’s progress and the mastery of the topic by giving a weekly "Did I Learn" test. These weekly tests also highlight the students who are falling behind, thus allowing us to act as early as possible


The most critical program in Yeelo and for students the most stressful time so far in their young lives. Since its inception, Yeelo’s motto has been that the ‘only disability in life is a bad attitude.’ We continue to have an unwavering belief in the ability of our students and we take a mentoring approach to our teaching. Our focus is on developing the student’s self-confidence, discipline and independent learning. This formula has been very successful in the past five years and our GCSE results are outstanding

In just 2017-18 academic year; five of our students have secured places in highly selective sixth forms. For example, in Maths, 70% of our Year 11 students achieved either grade 7 and above; the students also achieved outstanding results in the Sciences and English

Summer Camp

A three-week intensive programme designed to lay the foundations for the year ahead. It aims to instil hard work; encourage healthy competition and give them a head start during the summer

Majority of our pupils come from households where English is the second language. As a result, some children struggle to achieve nationally required language attainments. Addressing this issue became a major priority for us and since 2014 we started running specially catered sessions. This is a three-week intensive course during the summer holidays for Year 5 and Year 6 pupil

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